The Marcy Jo's Meal

$ 9.95


If you've made it here, then like us, you have a passion for helping folks in need, and we love that!

We are honored to be a part of Plating Change and we are thankful you want to be a  part of it with us!

Plating Change is a program thought up by Marcus Lemonis, whereby he is buying TWO THOUSAND meals and TWO THOUSAND loaves of bread from Marcy Jo’s. We will in turn distribute these meals and loaves of bread to people of our community that really don’t know where their next meal is coming from. Otherwise called food insecurity.

Now, that’s a great start, but here’s the kicker, Marcus is betting on ALL OF YOU to help keep it going and to give back. By scanning the QR Code you are now able to be a part of helping a family by buying another meal or loaf of bread for us to distribute. You can purchase any amount of meals that you want in order to help families and the elderly with food insecurity.

If you choose to purchase both you may do so by adding them separately to your cart before checkout!

 Thanks Again!